The 山校区 Semester Program is an educational opportunity unlike any other at 伯尔和伯顿. 每一项, a small group of motivated students comes together on 伯尔和伯顿’s 山校区 to engage in a semester-long study of the surrounding landscape and community— its past, 现在, 以及未来的潜力. Classes are supplemented and blended with extensive fieldwork, 本地资源, and professionals to enhance the learning experience. Students take on significant leadership roles during the semester, and reflect often on their learning process, consequently coming to understand as much about themselves as they do the science, 历史, 和佛蒙特文学. The multidisciplinary curriculum is designed to be challenging and invigorating for college or career-bound students with a range of skills and experiences. 
Students examine a central question: “How do we live well in this place?"通过调查: 
  • 的社会, 政治, economic and environmental issues affecting our local area and their relevance in the national and global context; 
  • How artists and writers have been inspired by these issues and how they have addressed these issues in their work; 
  • The different forest communities that exist on and around the campus and the ecological factors that influence them; 
  • Uses of land in the area and the resulting impact on wildlife, the forest, and the community; 
  • How to effectively prepare for and lead outdoor expeditions, 如何实现团队凝聚力和信任, how to build self-awareness and self-reliance; 
  • Ways people can care for a community and affect positive change. There are four academic courses woven into the interdisciplinary curriculum.
Currently enrolled 伯尔和伯顿学院 students can apply to attend an upcoming 山校区 semester by completing and submitting the attached 应用程序.



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    安迪 Dahlstrom 

    山校区 Director, English Teacher
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    蒂娜 Hartell